The 2024 crop was early & plentiful! We made a huge batch of Amber with Rich Taste and a much smaller amount of Dark with Robust Taste ---all of it, delicious!

Who We Are


About Us

Circle Back Farm is Gene and Beth DeGayner -  A couple on a crusade to bring more natural sweetness to the world! After "retiring" in Montana, we circled back to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where much of Gene's family is from. Gene had this idea to make some maple syrup at camp.  We started with 690 taps in 2015, to almost 2000 for 2021.  Still, we are a small "sugarmaker".  We are single-forest, and every drop of syrup was made by us.

The woods where this syrup originates is a diverse northern hardwoods ecosystem in Michigan's beautiful Upper Peninsula. It's land that has been in DeGayner hands since 1930, and will be passed down to our sons.  Maintaining the health and biodiversity of our land is important to us. By running our taps on vacuum, with a small-diameter drill bit and disposable taps, we minimize any damage to our trees. The sap is boiled on a high-efficiency wood-fired evaporator with sustainably-harvested fuel. We use a state-of-the-art filtering system to bring you crystal-clear syrup that is 100% pure. 

We are grateful for friends and family who have helped us in this endeavor. And to our wonderful customers, thank you! It's so fun to provide you with this all-natural, delicious food that you love so much!