Our 2023 syrup is delicious and ready to ship!

Buy Local

Our syrup is sold at these stores:

  • The Jampot outside of Eagle Harbor MI
  • Louie's Fresh Markets, Lake Linden, MI
  • Frozen Farms Co., Calumet, MI
  • Jim’s Food Mart, Houghton MI
  • The Keweenaw Food Co-op, Houghton MI
  • Silver Lake Resort (5 mi north of Channing, MI)
  • Nanette’s Knits and Gifts, Wakefield MI

You'll find us at these markets:

  • Calumet Farmer’s Market (Saturdays, mid-June through October)
  • Houghton Farmer’s Market (Tuesdays, mid-June through October)
  • Hancock Farmer's Market (Thursdays, mid-June through October)
  • Lake Linden Farmer's Market (Saturdays, July through October)

Other options:

  • Our farmstand on Red Rock Rd, Jacobsville 
  • Local delivery: hit the “Contact Us” button