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Our delicious 2020 "crop" is now sold out. We are so grateful to our customers who ordered through our website, shopped at local stores, stopped by the farmers markets, our farmstand, or just gave us a call. Please check back with us in April 2021 and follow us on Instagram and Facebook. We love making our maple syrup for all of you!


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Circle Back Farm is Gene and Beth DeGayner -  A couple on a crusade to bring more natural sweetness to the world! After "retiring" in Montana, we circled back to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where much of Gene's family is from. Since 2015 we have been making a small amount (200-550 gallons per year) of maple syrup on land that has been in DeGayner hands since 1930.

The woods where this syrup originates is a diverse northern hardwoods ecosystem in Michigan's beautiful Upper Peninsula. Maintaining the health and biodiversity of our land is important to us. By running our taps on vacuum, with a small-diameter drill bit and disposable taps, we minimize any damage to our trees. The sap is boiled on a high-efficiency wood-fired evaporator with sustainably-harvested fuel. We use a state-of-the-art filtering system to bring you crystal-clear syrup that is 100% pure. 

Thank you as always to friends and family who have supported and helped us in this endeavor. And to our wonderful customers, thank you! It's so fun to provide you with this all-natural, delicious food that you love so much!


Maple syrup is not just for pancakes! Instead of sugar, try a little pure maple syrup to sweeten coffee or tea, yogurt or fruit. Maple adds a subtle layer of flavor to many foods, from appetizers, to cocktails, to desserts.

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We are proud to offer a natural, sustainable product. Our syrup is organic, unblended, single-forest, direct from our sugarbush to you. Order early for holiday gifting - before we run out! Unopened, maple syrup has a long shelf-life.

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LOCAL DELIVERY is a new option for Houghton and Keweenaw County residents.  Additionally, our syrup is sold at a variety of shops and farmer's markets throughout Upper Michigan. You can find us at Nanette's Knits and Gifts in Wakefield, Jim's Food Mart & Keweenaw Co-op in Houghton, the Jampot near Eagle Harbor and more.

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Why Organic?

We “went organic” in our second season of production. Organic certification guarantees the quality of the equipment we use in our production process, our choice of environmentally friendly cleaning products, and the absence of any pesticides in the soils of our land and adjoining land. Beyond simply passing our inspection and paying our annual fee, we have a deeper commitment to the land. These acres came into our family around 1930. It is a spot for family and friends to gather and enjoy throughout the year. Long after we are done with our maple syrup business, this native maple forest will continue as a thriving ecosystem rich in biodiversity and breathtaking in its beauty.

It is a joy and a privilege to share a small bit of the sap that courses through our maples each spring, making what many of our customers say is the best-tasting maple syrup they’ve ever had. We hope you feel the same.